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3 Reasons to Consider a Winter Stay

Trade in the all the hassles of winter for a private and beautiful suite at the Gardens of Parry Sound.

Simply put “A Winter stay” is a short term rental during the winter months. Winter stay residents have their own suite and enjoy the daily meals and all the other amenities that the Gardens of Parry Sound offers.   Winter stay residents also benefit from meeting and staying social with the other residents without leaving the coziness of the building throughout the cold snowy days of winter.   Winter stay residents are able come to the Gardens of Parry Sound for their 3 or 4 or 5 month stay, then simply return home or back to the cottage in the late Spring or Summer.   However, many see the benefits of retirement living and after the winter over, they decide to stay long term.

There are many reasons someone might decide on a Winter stay, here are three of the more common reasons:

3 Reasons to Book a Winter Stay

  1. Avoid isolation of winter. Winter stays can be a great option for older adults who feel isolated during the winter months in their own home. While staying at a residence, you can enjoy the activities and camaraderie of being with others. Playing cards, eating meals and staying social without leaving the home.
  2. Caregiver not available. A Winter stay is also a great option for older adults when their family are travelling or not in the area. Many seniors have family members who are close by in the summer while they are at the cottage.  However, they return to their regular homes throughout the winter months.   When a senior relies on others it can be difficult when that person is unexpectedly away and unable to help due to distance or other commitments.  A winter stay can be a great way to receive meals, housekeeping and additional support when a caregiver is away for an extended period of time.   The peace of mind is beneficial to both the senior and their loved-ones.
  3. Try out retirement living. If you are wondering if you would like living in a retirement living residence, then booking a winter stay allows you to ‘try it out’ without selling your home or officially making a move. If you like it, then preparing to sell your home as winter ends makes great sense.

A Winter Stay can be a great option for those that either want some extra support, want to try out retirement living or simply have a history of being lonely over the long winter months.  Winter stay spaces are booking now.   Please give Russell a call at the Gardens of Parry Sound today to learn what we are offering as a winter promotion this year.

The best way to learn more about Winter stays or living at the Gardens of Parry Sound retirement residence is to come for a tour.   See the building, meeting the staff and residents and see what we have available.   Give us a call today 705-746-0419 to schedule a tour or email Russell at russell@gardensofparrysound.ca.  Don’t forget to ask about our winter promotion this year.  

  • December 7, 2022