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As we age, our needs change

Your home, condo or cottage is important to you. It is filled with your things, your memories and plays a big part in your everyday life. However, as time goes on things begin to change and many of us are confronted with the prospect of altering our living situation.

Most changes in life are brought on by circumstances – things that happen around you or to you. These circumstances have a big part in the way you live your life and cause changes which impact your ability to maintain your current living situation. Here are a few examples of change which might prompt you to consider a move:

  • Family or friends move away
    This is a very common reason for seniors to move into the Gardens of Parry Sound. Many people move to live at their cottage full time to fulfill their retirement dream in the Parry Sound area. This change leads their senior parents considering a change for themselves because they have become more reliant on family and friends over the years (for transportation, companionship, or providing care).
  • Health challenges
    An injury or health challenge, can dramatically impact a senior’s ability to look after themselves or their home.
  • Loneliness
    Especially over the COVID-19 pandemic, loneliness has been a big issue with the senior population. However, it’s not a new problem. Many seniors feel lonely in their own home without regular interaction with other people or engagement.
  • Too much work!
    Maintaining your home, doing the dishes, grocery shopping, laundry, making meals, shoveling the drive way, cutting the lawn, and the cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. For many, healthy, active and young people it’s just too much work. Now, imagine doing all that work as a senior.
  • Safety and Security
    Things can happen very quickly whether its a health problem or fall and many seniors worry about this everyday.
  • Lost drivers license
    An independent, active and social senior ends up losing their license. Now they are stuck at home.

Any of these are valid reasons to consider a move. A move to help improve general wellness, happiness, connection with others or peace of mind. Many older adults have done just that and found a safe, caring and helpful place to live – where they are more active, part of a community and still independent.


If you would like to learn more on how the Gardens of Parry Sound could help, please give Russell a call at 705-746-0419 or email russell@gardensofparrysound.ca